Scribble #1 & #2

I love to write short stories; more like excerpts. And today, I thought of sharing two of my favourites. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them. Do feel free to share your views and comments. I love when I hear back from my readers.

Tale #1

Looking up at the night sky, she exclaimed in excitement, “Do you see that? That’s Sirius! The brightest star!”

He looked at her. Her eyes glimmering in the reflection of the starry sky. She looked unreal. And his mind couldn’t stop but wonder on how lucky he was to have her in his life. Even though it was not exactly the relationship he wanted but he feared it would break their bond if he confessed his feelings.

Being the shy and introverted guy that he was, he had never in his wildest dreams imagined that Chloe would agree to come down tonight to gaze at stars with him.

He loved watching the night sky. He got this hobby when he was a young boy and used to stargaze along with his dad every Sunday. His father always told him, “Son, the night sky is a gift to humankind. And the only way to be thankful for this gift is to witness it’s magnificent patterns, which are called constellations, you see?”

Like him, Chloe loved to stargaze as well. The night sky was indeed a gift. It brought him to her. And he couldn’t have been more grateful for this hobby of his anymore than this. But tonight, he couldn’t keep his eyes on Ursa Minor or Orion. For tonight he discovered a new passion. A passion that is much more complicated than the constellation Lynx.

So he kept looking at her. And she, at the night sky, with eyes filled with fascination and innocence of a child. He couldn’t help but fall in love with her a little more with every falling star and every aurora looked on. And, all at once he beheld her, praying on every shooting star to break his assumption of impossibility of them.

In a breath he said, giving up on his futile efforts to look up anymore, “I do.”

Tale #2

“Why do you love the ocean so much even when you are afraid of depths?” he asked.

“Because,” I smiled, looking over my shoulder. He sat there beside me; our eyes looking over the sun in its quest to break the dawn, “falling in love with something that might drown me into its depth and take away my life, is beautiful. How appalling is it to imagine that it’s water which looks like ambrosia now might turn out to be lethal for me one day?”

He kept staring at me. His confused glance asked me to explain myself further. So I said, “I tend to fall in love with things that might eventually turn out toxic for me”

“Things? Is there anything else?”

I gave him a faint smile and looked forward again. The sun was now above the horizon, and it’s light filled up the earth again. He got up and left. I sat there and whispered in a hushed tone, me being the the only one to know that it’s not a thing but a person, you”. “It’s you” I sighed again.



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