Poem #3; Au revoir

As I close my eyes,
I see a screen of black objects,
with no boundaries and,
misted appearance.
A world without the third dimension.
A lifeless dark world.
A tempting faux world that one never wants to go back from.
It was like the kohl in her eyes,
which sparkles with her glimmering smile.
It was like the mole near those eyes,
on her right cheek bone.
It was also her favourite colour;
Dark, neutral black.
Then, the darkness heaves, like somehow the earth lost gravity, it lifts, like a camera zooming out.
And I see her face, zooming out from the mole and kohl laden eyes, now, sharp and clear.
It further zooms out and now I see her, head to toe,
Standing right in front of me.
I stretch out my arms,
my eyes still shut closed.
I flutter my arms into the empty void in front of me.
I murmur her name,
She listens but doesn’t respond.
I call out again,
Now she gives a faint smile.
But slowly turns her body around.
I stand there, as still as a stone, as motionless as a monument, wondering what she was up to, at the same time jinxing at my fears.
Now she has her back towards me, steps receding away, body disappearing into the foggy misty smoke.
A very familiar ache engulfs my heart.
I knew what was happening.
I was finding it difficult to find my voice, but I tried my best, I shouted her name, again and again.
But she seemed unaltered, unknown now to the voice that she smiled to a while back.
She disappeared into the thick air.
And I stood there, legs rooted to the ground, unable to move anymore.
I bowed my head towards my chin, tears blinding my vision more than the deluging amount of mist that surrounded me.
I screamed out her name, again and again,
She was nowhere to be seen.
The weight of my body seemed unbearable for me to carry anymore.
I fell down to the ground, laying down on my chest.
My lungs started to give up,
I found it hard to breathe.
I turn my head towards the sky.
It was hazel, like the colours of her eyes.
It was beautiful, and the more I looked at it, the more it reminded me of her and I was astounded at its uncanny resemblance.
Suddenly a luminous scintillating white light appeared in front of me.
The light was devoid of any hues, but steadily started developing colours.
I saw the hazel sky now appeared inside it, curbed within it.
The circumscribed sky fluttered with strings of black cloud and few drops of rain fell from within it, and some ran into my mouth.
The water tasted saline,
I closed my eyes wincing to its concentrated taste.
I open them again.
Now, I see a black hole, growing bigger and bigger within the confined boundaries of the sky.
All of a sudden, there was a voice out of the void surrounding me saying, “You can let go, love”.
And all at once, everything started sinking in.
The images started zooming out again, like earlier.
She stood there,
In front of me.
But this time my eyes were open, instead of being closed.
She stood there with tears rolling down her cheeks and on my face.
She held my hand, which held pipes on it, like the many others all over my body.
I saw her one last time,
Giving her that smile she gave me a while back, in my mind.
I knew now who was going away.
It wasn’t her.
It was me.



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