Poem #6; Storms 

It was a stormy night,

Amidst that storm, another entered my world.

Flapping his wings around like some heavenly creature,

Soaked me head to toe, turned me head over heal.

Then duped me into taking those vows with him.

Everything was perfect.

Or so it seemed.

Until the very moment we got strings attached between us,

The strings of intimacy started ebbing away.

And every other stormy night

I wait for its arrival;

Burn, cut, smack, strike;

Our puerile ways to show affection.

And when blood seemed to have flown enough,

A little more flowed between my legs.

But he told me he loved me,

And I said I did too.

But what’s this?

I had stopped wearing lipstick, but those stains on his shirt told a different story.

I knew every hickey on him that wasn’t mine.

I knew his smell by particles.

The taste of his mouth like my own.

I can’t swallow adultery.

“I can’t tolerate this!” I told him another stormy night.

“Are you mad, woman?”

The cloud burst.

He clenched my face till I couldn’t move my jaw, speak another word, condemn him anymore.

And so I used my hands,

Taking the glass vase on the side table,

I struck it on his head.

At once, he let go of his hand on me,

His vision froze into mine,

Eyes wide, cursing gaze.

He collapsed in front of me.

As soon as he stopped breathing,

More oxygen gushed into my lungs,

More air into my soul.

And I stood there.

Not a hint of remorse inside me,

Not a single tear in my eye,

I reckon, it’s all dried up now.

My tears.

My emotions.

I was dead inside.

“I killed the man I loved” I told myself.

“But he was killing you alive” I replied.

A storm alarms you about its arrival.

This did not.

He did not.

“Till death do us part”

It was the only way.



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