Poem #8; Eternity

Crossing another traffic light,

My mind kept lingering through many thoughts.

Thoughts transcending into memories.

But none that didn’t involve her.

I often wondered, like now…

That what had I done to deserve her?

The unconditional love she showers me with everyday?

Undeserved, flawed, I was, I knew.

But it didn’t matter to her.

But I couldn’t say that for her.

Because she was perfect, indeed.

Her flaws were carved into perfection with time.

I looked at our hands,

Held as tight, yet as comfortable,

Her thumb slowly caressing across my knuckles.

She was lost in her thoughts,

Maybe she was counting days till we would meet again.

It was uncertain, she knew.

And that hit like boulders against my chest.

She knew I was upset,

I cried all night,

Cuddling into her chest,

And I knew how sad she was about our separation as well,

But she never let it come on her face.

She is a very strong woman.

I remember the look on her face when we reached the airport.

She involuntarily clutched on my hand tighter.

Her uneasiness and long breaths.

Her long sighs and her watery eyes.

It was like the judgement day, my world was slipping away.

Like sand; the tighter I held her, the more she was slipping away from between my fingers.

At last, it was time.

I looked into her eyes.

One last, long glance into the eyes that reflects purity.

I press my eyelids together, stopping myself from breaking down again in front of her.

It was time to leave and it was too late to change my mind.

I had to be where I was expected.

But I swear if I had a choice I would have stayed.

With her, between her arms.

Day in and day out.

On sweltering summers and wintry nights,

On spring mornings and orange falls.

I wished to spend my remainder days with her.

And that’s why I had to leave.



8 thoughts on “Poem #8; Eternity

  1. Although I have been married neigh fifty year
    Your laments, be they sad, effulgent the stories
    Evoking memories of one letter, a Dear John
    Two years we had been courting, romancing
    My eighteenth year I volunteered for the army
    Took me eighty-six heart breaking miles away
    Truly caused us both much pain, broke us both
    Sadly my betrothed could not take the strain
    Unbeknown, at least by me, ner again did I see
    Or hold, to caress my dearest darling Stephany
    Nigh on cost me my life, I’d just lost my future
    What I thought was our destiny uprooted, gone
    To me then, the end, my proverbial swan song
    But hey, my friend rallied round, and Malta next
    1,819 miles away, Utopia, paradise again found
    Many times , what I thought truelove, thwarted
    A good few lessons learned in my 20’s, concerned
    Left the Army, fearing life without a wife, no family
    For once I did something for the better, I met her
    My truelove, now for forty eight year, 3 kids
    One of each, a family, both our destinies fulfilled.
    Together till we meet again, we hope, in Heaven!
    © Mick E Talbot 2017/66

    Many thanks for sharing your memory evoking poem,
    take care,


    PS I will be posting this on my blog with a pingback to your blog,

    Liked by 1 person

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