Poem #9; She

It was a full moon night by the ocean,

She sat next to me by the shore.

The majestic ocean beamed in front of us,

But it looked more beautiful in her eyes.

The stars shone brighter in those dark deep depths.

I, now, see the stars in another sky;

Bright and lucid.

Her warm breath was a hearth amongst the cold winds.

I asked her to love me like the moon loves the sky,

But she insisted to be the sun instead.

Burning me a little while we kissed,

Leaving me blue and bright.

Her love grew like fire within me,

With each moment, burning away yester wars.

Building her own territory,

By ashing out the past kingdoms.

My soul lightened up,

A pleasant disaster spread through my plains.

Touching mountains and crossing valleys,

She came to a halt.

To breathe a little.

Taking away my winds.

For her to shine brighter;

Burn brilliantly.

Her warm rays tyndalled through every crack and hole of my land.

And we played within the sky,

All night,

While the moon hid away our chronicles from the world.



4 thoughts on “Poem #9; She

  1. YAY!!!! Every piece of work is luxurious here! Please know that even though I do not comment on every post, I want to!! I don’t want to be redundant with my words, but how can I not, when I’m left searching for words that do not exist to describe my vibration?

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