Poem #13; Interval

There she is
In another land
Miles away
Seas across
Seasons apart

Days pass
But never enough

Heart thrums in anticipation,
It has become a ritual,
For it feels like rocks against it,
When nostalgia strikes.
Your presence, your smell, your touch, your voice.
The heart’s a romantic fool.

The eyes,
It sees too many faces
But never your lover’s

Days are moments
Moments are hours
And within those, a whole another day lies

And I sit there,
Under that tree,
Where we poured our hearts into each other’s palm.
And cupped it between them,
Promising to keep it that way forever.
I sit here,
Where the side of hers, is now covered with dust and leaves.

I dust it off.
But for how long?
How many more days?
Or maybe years?
I wonder.

But the heart of a lover
Need, but just one moment.

Till I close my eyes,
And be with her forever.



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