Poem #16; Freedom

Come, let’s tell this world.

Hold my hand,
And let us not feel the ground beneath our feet.

Let’s jump off the cliff.

I have fallen in love with this weightless feeling,
I have fallen in love with gravity,
Pulling us,
Yet, we fly.

Let’s break this cage,
I want to be set free, with you.

I am not afraid of the hunters anymore,
For I have realized the importance of freedom,
And the pitfalls of safety in incarceration.

You are my escape.
You are the solitary forest I feel like running into when things get messed up.
You are the drops of rain that wash away my anxiety.
You are the deep depths for which I won’t give a second thought before drowning.

It's like I am pulled by a Bermuda triangle of a person,
 And for the first time ever, I want to be lost.


Poem #11; Unconventional


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