Illustration #1; The Art of Loving

We would like to introduce a new addition/theme on our blog. Its called ‘illustrations’ and it would include everything you have been getting in our blog but through (visual) art and abstract. I hope you enjoy them as much as the poems. Keep showering your unconditional love to us. Thanks.

We would love to get some feedback on our new initiative πŸ™‚

“Where do you get that warmth for everyone from?”

Someone had once saved me from freezing in a cold, stormy night with her embrace…

She lit me up that night,

Kindled a fire place within me.

Here I am now, spreading what has kept me alive,

Disseminating to the world what she has taught me;

“The art of loving.”



5 thoughts on “Illustration #1; The Art of Loving

  1. This resonated so deeply within me. I had a really hard break-up with the one that got away four years ago which really shook my life up and honestly took me 3-3.5 years ago. Its amazing how although someone can’t create love in our lives, they can help us become aware of our own internal wealth we didn’t know we had, or can show us ourselves at our best side, and that that awareness can be a catalyst necessary for profound change. Very beautiful drawing and poem. Hope to see more of these illustrations πŸ™‚

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