Poem #18; Drizzle

With you, I was rain.


Hovering in the atmosphere

Culminating my emotions

Trapping it in

Till the day I burst

Till it got harder for me to breathe

Till I suffocated within me

And became vulnerable again

Then I fell

Without a promise of soft landing.

The ground was you.

I touched you

I seeped inside you

Breaking your deep rooted thirst,

I conformed within you.

But you let me go

As soon as the sun replaced the black clouds.

You let it abduct me.

I lost form, but

You laid there.

Dry; my existence was ceased away.

But every other day, I still fall.

Again to those dry lands of yours

Call me naïve if you will, but

I guess I am vulnerable that way.

And so, I fall for you

Time and again,

Towards you,

Away from you.


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