Poem #19; Hatred

One by one

The cells bombards in my body.

It mutates,

Into the beast it desires.

The devil, it worships, now.

All of them

In millions they all vanish.


One by one.

Sometimes all at once;

A tissue all together.

Making me weaker than I actually am.

Well, you can’t call me weak.

I stood the hurricane you brought.

I survived.

I breathe, still.

Without your happiness in it.

I guess I got what I wanted.

I wanted you to feel for me.

Harder than anyone

Or anything.

I wanted to be the strongest love you ever felt.

Although I can’t say if it was really love that I wanted.

Love was so weak.

Love is so weak.

Hatred suits us better.

So I want you to hate me.

With all your heart, mind and soul.

Because that’ll be deepest you would ever feel for me.



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