Poem #21; Interval

She smiles,

Her sweet, warm smile.

Possessing supernatural penetrating powers to reach into my heart.

Making me, strangely weak and strong at the same time.


The fan behind her blows her hair onto her forehead

And she makes that cute irritated face,

Complaining about her so called “unmanageable” hair.

Trust me, those are the perfect locks I have ever seen.

I try to reach out to her.

Trying to help her fix them.

She turns her head by the sound of the door

I look too

Someone walks in

She talks, I keep quiet


We talk again,

All night.

Minutes turning into hours.

But there always seem to be so much to talk about.


I can’t seem to take my eyes away from hers.

It’s locked into hers in spite of the disturbances surrounding us.

But I couldn’t care less about it’s source.

As the night seemed to be stretching in further,

Our conversation started getting deeper as well.

I felt sparks igniting in my heart that I never knew it was capable of,

I felt this incoherent urge to embrace her.

I stretch my arm to feel her warm skin on my fingertips,
But I poke into the cold surface of the screen instead.
Reality strikes me, yet again.

My love,

Looking right into me,
So near to me, yet so far away.


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