Scribble #3

And in her eyes, the universe unfolded.

There was a story in her eyes. I could see the fusion of heavenly bodies. The bombardment of atoms into dust and dirt. Powders and ashes. A celestial circus behind those curtains of emerald green.

There was a universe behind those eyes.

And when she smiled, a galaxy formed. In my heart, a hope was born.

When she cried, the clouds burst and formed sprites. Flashes of orange and red didn’t know that it was her who triggered them.

I knew she wasn’t ordinary. Nothing about her was ordinary. When she looked at me, the space dispersed another shooting star towards earth. Another wish was granted. My wish was granted.

Her eyes held a universe, yet to be unfolded.

I knew she was the one. For I knew her secret now. It wasn’t something she kept hidden from the world. But nobody cared to bend over the high balcony. They feared they would fall into it. Into the dark suspicious space. She was a mystery indeed. Now to be unfolded. And I was the one to unfold it.

She held a universe behind those eyes.

I fell in love with her. She was the one. The one with secrets deeper than space. The one whose soul was formed like the numerous stars above us. She was seen to be simply gas and dust by many. And she didn’t mind that. For she knew and, I do now as well. That she is indeed a star. Not one, but many. She is formed with clusters of stars.

And in her eyes, I could see now, the universe unfold.

© Whiskey&Lemon


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