Poem #22; “miss”

Hey lovelies, I am very, very sorry for posting after a long, long time. I won’t try to give you a reason because I don’t want to give an excuse for not writing here. But I’m here right now, right? So I hope it’s cool. Anyway, here is something that I wrote last night. Hope you like it. Let me know 😉

I still remember you like it was yesterday.

And it won’t be an understatement, you know,

If I say that you… you revived my soul,

To heal all the wear and tear of everyday life.

So quick. And then just like that,

You disappeared too.

As if you were just an illusion,

A sweet mirage in the cold desert of my heart.

A part of my imagery mindscape.

You were gone.

You were gone, my love.

And I? I just had to “deal” with it.

So helpless, I was.

I was so angry on myself for being so handicapped, like I was locked in some imaginary chains that forbid any kind of movement or words from my mouth.

I regret, till date, that I could do nothing about it.

But you tell me, what could have I done?

I could do nothing but let you go.

But I still cherish our time together.

When I saw you for the first time on that screen,

I knew we would click together.

That we would be the best team.

I know you felt it too, didn’t you?

Oh, how many plans I did have for us.

The way we would live together.

Share things.

The way I’d never let you go from the range of my sight.

The way I promised to never leave your hand.

The way I swore to protect you with my life.

The way I had become too possessive of you and made plans to always keep you between my arms.

I wanted to be your best friend.

But, I am more than beholden to have our short sweet time together.

And I am okay with the fact that you left.

Um, Well, I’ll be honest.

Maybe I’m not.

Because you know it hurts when all your plans and hopes shatter to pieces.

When they become ashes, that once were kindled with dreams.

And the fire within you loses oxygen and fails to burn anymore.

But eventually, though very slowly,

You learn to live with that pain.

Or maybe you get so used to it that in its absence you feel incomplete.

But I’d say that I like the pain for a different purpose.

Those sweet pangs of heartache are the only pieces of memory left of you.

And I would love to have anything that you’ve left your traces on.

But I miss you, you know.

I miss you in every breath of every minute of the day.

I miss you in every winter morning and every summer night.

I miss you everyday, all year long.

There hasn’t been a day when you didn’t shoot across my mind like a energetic ball of young energy.

I miss you,

My sweet, sweet little sister.



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